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Are you ready to Register?

Please be sure to answer all questions in order to submit your request.

After your request  has been submitted, management will contact you before any payments are made.

Registration and Enrollment fees are non - refundable once you complete your payment in Brightwheel.

 Please be sure to watch our Virtual Tours

** Appointments only **

Follow these 4 easy steps to get started:

1. Fill out the Contact Form below


2. Attach ALL listed items in one EMAIL and SEND to

If you do not attach all documents  to the same email it will slow down your enrollment process.


- Parent ID

- Child Insurance Card

- Child Immunization Records

-  Child Name and DOB  

- WellCare Letter Approve by Doctor 

3. Watch Virtual Tour for the location that applies to you


 4. Watch Brightwheel for Parent videos



New Enrollment Contact Form

Parent Full Name*

Phone Number*

Email Address*

Home Street Address *


City *

Zip Code*

Admission Date*

What Elementary does your child attend?*

Child #1 - Full Name*

Child #1 - Date of Birth*

Child #2 - Full Name

Child #2 - Date of Birth

Child #3 - Full Name

Child #3 - Date of Birth

Child #4 - Full Name

Child #4 - Date of Birth

Select Location*

Which of the following applies to you?*

Would this be your Childs' first time in preschool? Type Yes or No*

Does he/she have any food allergies? If yes, what allergy does your child has. If no, type no.*

Do you receive Childcare Financial Aid? *

Emergency Contact Name*

Emergency Contact Phone Number*

Emergency Contact Address*

APT Number

City / State*

Zip code*

Is there any additional details that we should know concerning your child? Examples: Potty training, Common Health issues, Behavioral issues, Household issues, Allergies, etc.. If the answer is no, please put no*

Do you give First Place Kids permission to transport your child in case of an medical or building emergency , field trips, and/or to and from school?*

Water Activities - Do you give permission for your child to participate in water activities? *

Health Care Provider Name*

Health Care Provider Full Address (Street name, city, state, and zip code)*

Health Care Provider Number*

How did you hear about us?*

I Understand that Registration and Enrollment fees are not refundable under any and every circumstance once my child has been added to brightwheel.*

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